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​Producer Larry Thompson finds the “Missing Mona Lisa.”


​Larry A. Thompson Entertainment is in pre-production on “Missing Mona Lisa.” The movie is based on a screenplay by Mark J. Hudelson.

Hudelson’s original story and feature script is based on the romanticized true story of Vincenzo Peruggia, a lovable, Italian simpleton, who, while working in the Louvre, becomes beguiled by Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. Believing in his heart that Mona Lisa is homesick for Italy, he steals the painting and smuggles her home with him to Florence.  What is a lovable gesture by Peruggia turns out to be the greatest art heist in history!

Thompson will shoot the movie in both France and Italy and have it ready for a 2024 release. 

Peruggia claimed he stole the painting and took her to Florence because she was lonely and homesick for her native Italy - and that it was his patriotic duty because Napoleon had stolen her from the Uffizi Gallery to take to the Louvre.

Peruggia stole the painting on Monday morning, August 21, 1911.  He and the painting were not discovered until December 1913 in Florence.  The Italian government arrested Peruggia and returned the Mona Lisa to the Louvre. The painting was hung back up on January 4, 1914.  During her almost two and a half year absence, hundreds of thousands of people would walk by the empty spot where the painting had been hanging and stare in disbelief.  People left flowers and gifts, crying for her return. 

Thompson says, “The Mona Lisa left the Louvre as an Italian masterpiece.  She returned as an icon.”

Peruggia was arrested, convicted, served less than a year - and became a national hero in Italy.  He lived the short balance of his life in obscurity and died without so much as an obituary. 

Click here to read Deadline Hollywood's exclusive news post about Missing Mona Lisa.

Learn more about the Mona Lisa by clicking here.  

For more information about the movie, please contact Robert G. Endara II at (310) 288-0700 or
Many additional motion picture, television projects, and book packages are in various stages of development, including:
1.  "The Prayer Box"Based on a real Prayer Box found on a hiking trail where people anonymously “leave a prayer” and “take a prayer,” this heartfelt drama, beautifully written, follows several seemingly unrelated stories in Nashville, TN as they eventually become lovingly interlinked through the power of answered prayers. We pray for what we “want.”  God gives us what we “need.” 
AI Christmas - Poster.jpg
2.  "An AI Christmas" - Can we learn anything about Christmas from AI?  Can we teach AI anything about Christmas? This movie explores the "spirit" of Christmas like never before. Story treatment bby Larry Thompson.
3.  "The Keep" -  a screenplay written by Jeff Tait and Mary Lambert and to be directed by Mary Lambert is about a thirteen-year-old boy who believes his reclusive neighbor is keeping a young girl chained in his basement. In trying to save the girl, the boy unlocks buried memories that make him question everything he and his family have ever known.
4.  "Taj Mahal: A Teardrop On Eternity" - Out of the colorful but treacherous history of medieval India emerges an epic story of the roar of the clashing armies and trumpeting of enraged elephants being ridden into war to oppose intolerance and create coexistence between the disparate peoples, and one woman's unimaginable empowerment from being born into a destitute royal Persian family in an overcrowded refugee camp just inside the border of the Mughal Empire (now Afghanistan) to becoming, Nur Jahan, the Empress of India. Her father becomes Prime Minister and her niece, (her brother's daughter), Mumtaz Mahal, becomes her successor as Empress of India and then Queen of India. 
It was for Mumtaz Mahal that her husband, King Shah Jahan, perpetuated her memory for eternity and built for his beloved wife the finest sepulcher ever – a monument to eternal love - The Taj Mahal. The continuing story leading up to and surrounding the construction of the Taj Mahal occurs against a scrim of fratricidal war, murderous rebellion, unimaginable wealth, and religious fundamentalism.
This story of surprisingly contemporary relevance, is also a story of eternal love such as the world has never known.  Much of that story lies shrouded in the mists of history and has been forgotten and become blurred in the memory of men, but it has left behind a history and symbol of such rare beauty and unwavering devotion that it can never be forgotten. Although the setting is Mogul India, the themes are universal.  The struggles of those connected to it are as old as the history of man itself, but are also relevant today and in the future, as long as man loves, lives, rules, and seeks power.
5.  "The Boston Strangler" - a screenplay written by Scott Kosar ("The Machinist"), set in the iconic, Mad Men world of the 1960's, a disturbed husband and father would rape and strangle 13 women in a city gripped with fear.  With his frightened wife searching for the truth and a frustrated police force hunting for answers, no woman was safe from The Boston Strangler.  It has long been debated if Albert Henry DeSalvo was actually America’s most notorious serial killer.  But on July 19, 2013, a new development in the case drew national headlines. New DNA evidence extracted from DeSalvo’s recently exhumed body finally solved the mystery. Guilty of the murder of the 13th victim, Mary Sullivan. We now have the opportunity to bring this twisted, Iconic, American crime story to a modern audience with the definitive movie of Albert DeSalvo's brutal crimes, his dysfunctional and crumbling marriage, his controversial confessions, the manhunt, and recent, high-profile case closure. 
6. With Michael Wilson, Thompson is shopping to networks a completed sketch comedy series pilot titled
"The Men’s Room" (
7. On the fast track, Thompson is preparing the high-profile, faith-based 4-hour miniseries "7 Shades of Sin." 
8. "Harry's Back" - a screenplay written by Michael Norell is about Harry Houdini finally returning from the grave as he promised.

9. Living up to his reputation as the “King of the Biopics,” Thompson is presently developing a major Television Event on the life of Oprah Winfrey.


       The Ether Series
"The Ether: Vero Rising" is the first of three books in the franchise by Laurice E. Molinari and published on Februrary 3, 2014 by ZonderKidz. It's about a 12-year-old boy who leads an ordinary suburban life until he discovers he's actually a guardian angel. Link to Laurice's website: ( and link to the book trailer: (
"Pillars of Fire: An Ether Novel" is the second of three books in the franchise by Laurice E. Molinari and published by ZonderKidz. 
After Vero Leland discovered his true identity in book one, he must continue to maintain his life on earth as a regular 12-year-old kid, which is hard to do when you are really a fledgling, a guardian angel in training to become one of the fiercest of all angels. 
Published December 23, 2014. Link to Amazon: (
"The Dragon's Descent" is the third and final book in the franchise by Laurice E. Molinari and published by ZonderKidz. 
Everything Vero has trained for in the Ether has led to this. The young guardian angel Vero is given the quest of locating the Book of Raziel—which was lost when Adam was forced to leave the garden of Eden. And not even Raziel himself knows where the book is now. It soon becomes clear, however, that Lucifer is intent on finding the book for his own means.

When the C.A.N.D.L.E. library in the Ether is missing the information he needs, Vero, his sister, and his best friend, Tack, discover the clues to the book’s whereabouts may be right in front of them on Earth—and that Vero’s father’s new assignment in Sri Lanka may be no coincidence. As their quest begins in earnest, the lines between good and evil begin to blur. Vero will need to use every ounce of his training to take on not only the Devil and his hordes, but also Lilith, who may be lurking closer than anyone thinks.

Published on January 12, 2016. Link to Amazon: (


In SHATNER'S WORLD… William Shatner is a one man force of nature who delivers a larger than life performance complete with his laugh-out-loud humor, signature storytelling and select musical selections in his inimitable style.

Through anecdotes, songs, jokes and even some poignant moments, you will experience William Shatner 's phenomenal path from classically trained Shakespearean actor to cultural icon, brilliantly creating the larger-than-life and most important character he has ever played, William Shatner.
We filmed this television special in front of a live audience in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on December 8, 2012.  It was broadcast in Canada in October 2013 on Astral Media’s The Movie Network and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central.

A version of the show with bonus footage was exhibited by Fathom Entertainment in 635 movie theaters on April 24, 2014.  


Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton


Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan


On the set of Cleopatra, Hollywood's most beautiful star, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, fell into the arms of one of the world's greatest actors, RICHARD BURTON - and she didn't leave.


Their subsequent white-hot, scandalous love affair gave rise to the paparazzi and they became the most hunted and photographed couple on earth. Their rocky, passionate, relationship, born in front of the cameras, was captured in a series of films, including Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The last of the great, extravagant stars, flaunting diamonds, yachts and private planes, they continually seized the headlines. They even divorced and married again - only to divorce again - but remain in each other's hearts.

The Elizabeth Taylor - Richard Burton story is a no-holds barred account of their undying, but impossible love.


"Liz & Dick" starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth
Taylor and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton has
​aired on Lifetime November 25, 2012.
More info here.

For Breaking News on Liz & Dick,
Click here: Liz & Dick -
To see Thompson's exclusive interview with E!'s Ken Baker
regarding the production,
click here for ​more info.

To see Thompson's exclusive interview with Billy​
Bush on "Access Hollywood," click on the links below.
"Was hiring Lindsay the right decision?"

"How producing a movie with Lindsay Lohan is not for the faint of heart."

"Why were the paramedics called to the set for Lindsay Lohan?"

"How does Larry feel about Lindsay Lohan canceling her Barbara Walters interview?"

To Purchase the Love Theme from Liz & Dick, click here.

Thompson's critically-acclaimed movie, “Amish Grace,” based on the true story of the 2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, schoolhouse shooting, had its world premiere on Lifetime Movie Network on Palm Sunday, March 28, 2010.

"Amish Grace" received rave reviews and broke network records.​


The MOVIEGUIDE Award Show aired on the Hallmark Channel at 7pm (PT/ET) on May 16, 2011.

More than 4 million viewers tuned in to "Amish Grace" starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tammy Blanchard and Matt Letscher. The movie broke all Network records and is the highest-rated and most-watched original movie in the history of Lifetime Movie Network. For more info visit the Lifetime website by clicking here. ​
"AMISH GRACE" WINS THE CHRISTOPHER AWARD! - To see video of Larry Thompson at the Christophers click here.
Larry Thompson accepts The Wilbur Award for "Amish Grace." Click here.
​For more information, also visit: Wilbur Awards Program 2011. 
Thompson Executive Produced a one-woman comedy special with Joan Rivers
titled "Don’t Start With Me.”
Broadcast Premiere: Showtime, November 15,​ 2012.​
The company's movie, "Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story," which aired on Lifetime Network on August 17, 2008, was the highest rated two-hour movie in Lifetime Network's 10-year history.
In 2009, the movie garnered six Imagen Awards Nominations, and it won two of the awards: one for Best Primetime Television Program and the other for Best Actor/Television – Hector Bustamante. More info here.
Thompson’s highly acclaimed 2003 Lifetime Television Movie, “A Date With Darkness: The Trial And Capture Of Andrew Luster,” was the third highest-rated cable movie of the year and received rave reviews. ​For more info.
In 2001, Thompson went to Japan and licensed from Fuji Television the format rights to the very popular cooking series, "Iron Chef." He then Executive produced two 1-hour UPN​ Network/Lionsgate Television Specials titled "Iron Chef USA: Showdown in Las Vegas" More info here. & "Iron​ Chef USA: Holiday Showdown" More info here.

Thompson also produced with Michael Wilson the reality series, "Celebrity Videos." They are also presenting to buyers at this time a finished pilot of a sketch comedy show titled "The Men's Room." More info here.

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